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You’ll find all sorts of information on the latest motorcycle accessories, from helmets, jackets, oils and lubricants, chains and sprockets and everything in between. At The Motorcycle Accessory Shop on the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on providing professional advice, so when you read our blogs you know you’re getting quality news and expert tips, plus so much more. 


When it comes to motorcycle gloves, riders are really spoilt for choice. There so many different types of motorcycle gloves on the market made by so many different companies, it can get really hard to pick the perfect one. That is why The Motorcycle Accessory Shop came up with this blog post. In ... (Read More)


Riding motorcycles here on the Gold Coast can be quite expensive. You have to fork out cash for all your safety gear, motorcycle accessories, parking fees and last but not least, fuel. While most of these costs aren’t avoidable because they are either tied to the law or rider safety, there ... (Read More)


Here at The Motorcycle Accessory Shop, we love our customers. We always want them to be happy, healthy and safe. That’s why we say rider safety is our number one priority. Now, there are a lot of ways you can stay safe while you’re riding your motorcycle, but this blog post will discu... (Read More)


Carrying around stuff on a motorcycle can be quite tough and inconvenient. That’s why companies have been coming up with different sorts of motorcycle luggage. There are many different types, and they are designed for various different purposes and conditions. It can be a challenge in itsel... (Read More)


Many riders feel that wheels make the world go round because they love riding their motorcycles so much. But, what makes those wheels go round? Motorcycle chains. Motorcycle chains are a vital part of any motorcycle and it is important that every rider knows about the different types of chains th... (Read More)


When it comes to safety, there can never be any compromise. In any given situation, safety must always come first. Riding a motorcycle is obviously no different. Safety should always be the number one priority of any rider at any given moment. And speaking of safety, the area that is most prone t... (Read More)